Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Drum roll please

Let the documentation of the time I waste on the internet each day begin. Be excited. More excited that the first time you thought impure thoughts about your mother. That is gross. I will be proud if 1) The number of interesting links is greater than NSFW pics 2) I post more than once a week for 6 months And my parents say I don't have goals. EDIT: My personal reason for doing this blog is to document the interesting places I go each day and jot down anything that crosses my mind. I got really tired of not remembering about a good article I wanted to send a friend or revisit on my own at a later time. I am not a college humour columnist. I am simply recording what I spend my downtime on during work. What makes this tougher is the 'anti-blog' policy at my employer, so I have to remember all the links I can't access from home and link 'em up.

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